Clear Facebook History Search - Best Ways for You

Search histories can tell a great deal about you, which's especially true of Facebook's search History. If you don't want that kind of information left sitting around, below's Clear Facebook History Search.

Clear Facebook History Search

Clear Facebook History Search

Exactly how to View Your Search History
How you reach your search History to begin with varies a bit, depending on whether you're making use of the iphone or Android mobile apps, or the web user interface.

On iOS

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines and also go to Settings > Activity Log.

  2. Tap the "Category" dropdown and select the "Search History" item.

  3. This reveals all your recent searches.

On Android

  1. Touch the 3 straight lines, scroll to Help and Settings, and afterwards choose the "Activity Log" item.

  2. Touch the "Filter" setting, and afterwards tap the "Search History" choice.

  3. Now you'll see all your current searches.

On the Facebook Website

  1. Most likely to your Account and also click the "View Activity Log" button.

  2. In the Filters sidebar left wing, click the "More" alternative.

  3. And then click the "Search History" setting.

  4. These are all the searches you have actually made on Facebook.

Just how to Clear Your Entire Facebook Search History
To delete your whole search History, tap or click the "Clear Searches" choice in your Activity log. This is practically the very same whatever system you're making use of.

Clear Facebook History Search

And easily, your entire search History on Facebook will vanish.

Exactly how to Remove a Single Product in Your Facebook Search History
You likewise can get rid of specific products from your Facebook History if you don't wish to erase the entire thing. How you do it relies on whether you're using the iOS or Android applications, or the web user interface.

On iOS and also Android
To remove a solitary item from your search History on iphone or Android touch the X next to the search you wish to delete.

Clear Facebook History Search

This removes that thing from your search History.

On the Facebook Site
To get rid of one thing from your search History online, click the "Edit" button alongside it.

Clear Facebook History Search

And then click the "Delete" switch.

Clear Facebook History Search