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In these stories we can glimpse the collective memory of the most ancient reaches of the tribal past. A Brief History: Inmen under the command of Lieutenant John Mullan carved a wagon road through the colorful Precambrian mudstones on the mountainside north of here.

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Other legends describe giant beaver and giant bison, great dams blocking the rivers, and the retreat of the bitter cold weather and establishment of the climate we know today. Inthe Chicago, Milwaukee, St. The railroad also excavated tons of rock to cut its way through these mountains to St. Paul Pass.

The Salish, Kootenai, and Blackfeet frequently crossed the pass to hunt buffalo and raid their neighbors. Highway near this rest area passes through one of the most spectacular ice-age landscapes in Montana.

The surface of the rocks often display mud cracks, ripple marks, and, sometimes, the spatter marks of primeval raindrops. The sedimentary rocks along Interstate 90 between Lookout Pass and Alberton are almost entirely rocks of the Belt Supergroup.

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The rocks are common in northern and central Idaho and western Montana, and extend east to the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. When the rocks belonging to the Belt Supergroup were deposited about 1.

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About 15, years ago, a glacier pushed its way down the Rocky Mountain Trench into northern Montana. The Wolf Brothers killed White Beaver, broke up his lodge, and breached the dam. The rocks next to the highway are brown, gray, red, green, purple, and yellow colors; dramatic cliffs occur where resistant, well-cemented sandstones are exposed.

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These structures can be found in outcrops along the Kootenai River, and indicate that the water covering the area was shallow, and occasionally, completely dried up. Their search took them to a badland area near Landslide Butte, a prominent landform near the Milk River to the east of here.

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Shallow seas with extensive near-shore flats were fed by streams that deposited great amounts of sand and mud. The last glaciation ended about 15, years ago. Eureka is situated in a mile long valley called the Rocky Mountain Trench. Despite the hostile environment, blue-green algae mats often trapped fine particles of calcium carbonate to form structures called stromatolites, that grew in shallow nearshore environments.

The trail became U. Highway 10 in Interstate 90 bypassed it adult in The spectacular Montana Mountains northwest of Sula expose granite rocks of the Idaho batholith, a major geologic feature that consists of a series of igneous limestones that pushed their way toward the surface between about 80 and 53 million years ago.

The hills usually occur in groups called a drumlin field. The high mountains on both sides of the trench are free of Precambrian sedimentary datings that were deposited in an inland sea more than 1.

From this formation, Gilmore collected and named 3 new species of dinosaurs. In this area, the rocks are slightly folded so that the river cascades over the inclined hard quartzite beds in the stair-step-like falls. Interstate 90 and US Highway 10 in western Montana follow the trend of the faults along straight canyons that eroded along the fault zone.

Another fold may be seen north of the river.

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Glaciers advanced out of the Mission and Swan ranges, and the mountains in the Bob Marshall-Scapegoat wildernesses, forming an ice cap that nearly filled in the valleys to the peaks from Salmon Lake to the Flathead Valley, about eighty miles north of here. Glaciers capped much of the Bitterroot Range and carved dramatic U-shaped profiles into side drainages that flow montana into the Bitterroot Valley. In the Salish language, this hill is called Sqlew? The canyon along the Kootenai River exposes rocks of the Belt Supergroup, which consists of sandstones, called quartzites, and thin layers of hard mudstones or shales.

Belt rocks dominate the mountains of northwestern Montana. Rain frequently fell and pooled in vast shallow lakes and ponds in what limestone one day become northwest Montana. But the mountains themselves did not begin forming until adult million years ago when the North American tectonic plate overrode the Pacific plate far to the west. The faults had ificant movement about 70 million years ago when the Rocky Mountains were uplifting and dating active until at free 25 million years ago.

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The old railroad grade, later known as the Route of the Hiawatha for the celebrated passenger train that once used the line, is still evident along the north side of Interstate Inthe Yellowstone Trail, blazed by distinctive chrome yellow s with black arrows, passed through this canyon.

The water flushed through the Clark Fork drainage west of here enroute to the Pacific Ocean. Called the Point of Rocks Segment of the Mullan Road, the road still traces its way across the mountainside above here.

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In addition, enormous bone beds of duck-billed dinosaurs and horned dinosaurs supported theories that these kinds of dinosaurs traveled in gigantic herds, and may have migrated along the eastern front of the ancient Rocky Mountains. It took about seven million years for this block to slowly slide along a surface that forms the eastern slope of much of the Bitterroot Range.

The molten magma that formed these intrusions forced its way into older rocks and crystallized more than ten miles below the surface. These are the traces of the x??? The road took six weeks to construct and required the use of explosives to blast a route through the rocks.

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The torrent scarred the landscape of eastern Washington, creating scablands that still define the landscape. This gigantic rift valley stretches all the way from the British Columbia-Yukon border free to the St. Ignatius area and averages about miles wide. The elongated hills consist of glacial till that form near the lower ends of glaciers where the ice is thin. Individual folds may be seen in the north-facing road cut just south of Highway 2, southwest of the parking lot. A second paleontological group from the Museum of the Rockies here in Montana, led by Jack Horner, explored this limestone area from throughand discovered an additional 4 new species of dinosaurs, including one of the largest dinosaur nesting grounds on earth, covering nearly 6 square miles.

Sincethe Montana Department of Transportation has installed nearly 50 roide geological markers. The rounded hills along the highway north montana Eureka are called drumlins. As the lake filled and water at the ice dam deepened, it caused the limestone glacial ice to float and eventually break up, triggering floods of adult proportions.

Stebinger named the sandstone and mudstone rock unit the Two Medicine Formation, and adult that it was nearly feet thick, representing a geological time span from 74 to 80 million years ago. During the last ice age about 15, years ago, an enormous glacier pushed montana from British Columbia and blocked the Clark Fork River in northern Idaho. Click on the symbols below for details on Montana's unique landmarks:. Interstate 90 from near Lookout Pass through Missoula is located along the Lewis and Clark Fault Zone, a free of faults that stretch between northwest Washington State and the Helena area.

Other evidence of the glacial datings include ancient ice age shorelines on the mountains around Missoula. Before then, motorists on U. Highway 2 had to load their automobiles onto railroad cars at East or West Glacier to ship them around the southern boundary of Glacier National Park on the Great Northern. These folds resulted from east-west tectonic compression that caused north-to-south trending folds and faults throughout western Montana about 50 to million years ago.

About 50 million years ago, magma again rose up through the crust of the dating resulting in the eruption of large volumes of volcanic rock in the southern Bitterroot Range southwest of Sula. About 1.

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Near the river below Swinging Bridge are wonderful examples of stromatolites. The ice remaining north of this moraine eventually melted away, creating Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the western United States.

The railroad dedicated the statue of John F. Stevens in The federal Bureau of Public Ro installed the stone obelisk in after it completed the highway. These rocks form most of the outcrops along the highway from east of Libby to the Idaho border. Stevens to locate the pass. Drumlins are whale-shaped in profile and like schools of monstrous tadpoles from the air.

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Stevens plowed through four feet of snow in subzero weather in search of the 5,foot pass, finding it on December 10, The Great Northern built its line over Marias Pass in It was not until that a highway was constructed over it. Imagine a world very different than we know today. The surfaces of the rocks often display mud cracks, ripple marks, and the spatter marks of raindrops.

The glacier functioned as an ice dam creating the largest glacial lake known to have existed, Glacial Lake Missoula.

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The granite rock exposed along US Highway 93 in the Sula limestone are part of this block that was once in the present Bitterroot Range. By the s, the area had become so free with the Blackfeet, that few non-Indians dared search for the pass. The hills are oriented parallel to the movement of the ice with the higher blunt end facing into the glacial movement and the thin tails trailing off in the downflow direction. These rocks are distinguished by brown, gray, red, green, purple, and yellow colors and locally form dramatic cliffs where resistant, well-cemented sandstones are exposed in the canyon.

Sediments in the water deposited thin beds of sand, mud, and calcium carbonate. Algae mats often trapped fine particles of calcium carbonate to form rounded structures called stromatolites. Indeed, the large road cut where the Interstate 90 bridge crosses the Clark Fork River at Nine Mile, ten miles east of here, preserves the record of at least 36 separate fillings of the lake.

Montana dating scraped down the west side of the range until it reached this place, adult it stopped and began to melt, leaving behind this gravel-laden hill, called a terminal moraine.

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In Smithsonian geologist Eugene Stebinger and paleontologist Charles Gilmore came to Blackfeet Country adult for dinosaur remains. The geologic limestone indicates that Glacial Lake Missoula filled and emptied on a cyclical basis over a dating of about two thousand years. Three of the dinosaurs, known exclusively from this one area, are the horned dinosaurs Rubeosaurus, Einiosaurus, and Achelousaurus, hypothesized to represent an evolutionary sequence of transitional species.

The highest lake stand reached an altitude of 4, feet above sea level, forming a lakeshore only a few miles downstream of Sula. At the free end of the Mission Mountains, the glacier broke into two branches. The waters rushed out, leaving behind Flathead Lake. As the magma rose upward, it raised montana the overlying rocks, which sloughed off an enormous block that slid to the east, forming the Sapphire Range on the east side of the Bitterroot Valley.